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Our company began quite humbly in the 1930s as Pioneer Cap Company at a factory in Kansas City. Throughout the years, our family-owned and operated business has evolved, changing our name, adding additional brands, and speeding up shipping times.

Now a worldwide distributor from 17 North American suppliers, Sportsman Cap & Bag has more than 85 years of experience in the cap industry and continues to build upon a strong foundation, unique distribution network, and emerging opportunities.

We’ve maintained a focus on adaptability, quality control, and customer service, which in turn has built us a sustainable company. Today, we’re proud to offer our clients a total of 17 top cap and bag brands, with more than 420 styles and over 3,900 SKUs.

Our founder, Abe Yeddis, would be proud to know we’re carrying on his vision of serving distributors and their customers alike who want the best source and selection of caps, bags, bandanas and more with the deepest inventory and continued commitment to quality, value and service.

Best for success in 2024,

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Dan Saferstein
President Sportsman Cap & Bag
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