Sportsman Cap & Bag is a family-owned and operated company with more than 80 consecutive years of experience in the cap industry. The strong foundation built over the past seven decades, combined with a unique distribution network, technological advancements and emerging opportunities to cross boundaries in the industry, yields a company with unlimited growth potential.

1936 Beginning
Father-Son team of Jacob and Abe Yeddis starts Pioneer Cap Company at 9th and Central in the Garment district of Downtown Kansas City, Missouri
1948 - 1956 Expansion
Pioneer Cap grows to include five factories located in small towns in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.
1968 Pioneer becomes one of America's first cap importers.
1970 Pioneer Cap is sold.
1978 Full-time Importer
Abe Yeddis starts Promotional Headwear Incorporated (PHI), a cap importer.
1986 - 2000 Family Business
Dan Saferstein, Abe's grandson, joins PHI in the straw hat division. Jon Saferstein, Abe's grandson, expands business with distributorship in Los Angeles, California known as Merge Left. Caroline Saferstein, Dan's wife, joins PHI as Marketing Manager. Phil Saferstein, Abe's grandson, joins Merge Left.

Brand Launch
Promotional Headwear launches the Sportsman brand.

Master Supplier Network is created.

Product Development
Fashion-forward Flexfit line is added to the product line.

PHI changes its name to Sportsman Cap Network.

2003 Abe Yeddis, our founder, passes away.
2006 Corporate offices move to Shawnee, Kansas.
Dog Daze Headwear is welcomed as part of the Sportsman Cap Network family.
2010 Product Development
Golf headwear brand Adidas is added to the Sportsman Cap Network's product line. 

Sportsman brand adds Performance styles.
2011 Same-day shipping

Factory Direct Pricing 
2012 Sportsman Cap Network celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Mega Cap and HYP are the newest additions to the product line.

Sportsman Cap Network introduces a new bag line.

Sportsman Cap Network changes its name to Sportsman Cap & Bag
2019 Corporate offices move to Lenexa, Kansas, increasing the warehouse capacity.
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